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Workplace Instant Messaging is Getting Hotter

Just like the internet, chat must be as old as it is. An old friend, we’ve been clinging to during our lonely days and nights. However, this simple boredom relieving technology specifically workplace instant messaging became one of the biggest things today.

The year 2017 when Slack (a real-time messaging application that encourages collaboration) announced about its $250 million investment the month of September form a Japanese Technology company named SoftBank. Moreover, this brings Slack’s total fund to $790 million that make its evaluation up from $3.8 billion to $5.1. However, June comes and rumors spread revealing that Amazon desires to buy the said company for a total of 9 billion dollars. Headlines actually suggest that if the latter agrees, it will finally complete the empire of Amazon.

On the other hand, a tech giant like Microsoft won’t surely let its competence down. Apparently, it also released a new instant messaging application called Teams. This app emerged to replace Skype for Business. Yet, workplace app HipChat and its company Atlassian also launched an up-to-date counterattack called Stride. Like so, the Flock company founder, Bhavin Turakhia (Indian Billionaire) also desires to make a competition by adding his own money amounting to $45 million as an investment in his own company. There we have it, proof that the workplace instant messaging is getting is getting hotter. And, did we mention about Facebook who adds video clips to its own Workplace business tool?

It is indeed a bit odd to see people pour out so much amount of money into this service. Yet, the biggest point here is that workplace instant messaging applications are perceived as intensely needed today and in the future. We can see that by just understanding why clever minds in the world of business see this thing as the next big one.