Microsoft developed new messaging app ‘SMS Organizer’

Microsoft noticeably raises the quality of its services on Android over the last two years. Of course, this resulted in incomparable products such as Android Apps like Microsoft launcher and Next Lock Screen.

Now, SMS Organizer is the latest masterpiece of Microsoft. It is a text messaging service from Microsoft Garage, an initiative within the company that lets employees work on projects they are passionate about.  According to Android Central, the app has an array of customization options, which makes it a worthy alternative to your current messaging app.

How the app was created

Microsoft Garage developed the SMS Organizer. They worked out Hyderabad and India as the app is tailored to address problems new to the Indian market. Moreover, SMS Organizer was reportedly designed to cut through the clutter and give a messaging experience that surfaces valuable information at the top. The app’s main interface is split into three sections: texts, reminders, and starred messages.

There is also a reminder feature that can be useful particularly for parsing the information in the texts and creates cards with actionable data. SMS Organizer can also be utilized for flights as the date, time and booking reservation number in the app. On the other hand, it also shows credit card bill’s due date and total amount due. While this feature is not entirely new, the difference is that Microsoft’s app can be used on any device.

Furthermore, the SMS tab is broken down into five categories: personal, transactional, promotional, archived, and blocked. With this, SMS Organizer automatically sorts incoming messages into their respective sections.

Microsoft’s Senior Program Manager Nikhil Verma said, “We took user privacy very seriously from the beginning and designed the app around the fundamental premise that SMS is a very private entity for a user. The user should have the absolute control over how they manage and backup their SMS. Hence, all the data classification is done on the device and none of the SMS content is ever uploaded to the cloud.”

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